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British Woman Discovers Her Husband Is A Pedophile

A British mom was “sickened” when she discovered the man she had married was a pedophile.

Mel Alford first met her husband Jonathon Alford, known as J.R., in April 2012 through Facebook because she was friends with his older brother.

“We ended up getting engaged in August and brought the wedding forward to November that year when I found out my dad was dying from cancer,” Mel said. “We were together most of the time and the start of our marriage was really good.”

Mel said J.R. was great with her kids and treated her like a queen. But Mel also reported that J.R. quickly became jealous and she was not allowed to answer the door in case a man was there.

“I had no idea what he was really like until a social worker visited me and told me he was on bail for sleeping with an underage girl,” Mel said. “That girl had come to my children’s dad’s house and told him and he contacted social services.”

J.R. reportedly set up a fake Facebook account and sent a message in the girl’s name claiming that she had lied. Finally, in September of 2013, Mel kicked him out of her house.

At Exeter Crown and County Court, J.R. admitted to six counts of sexual activity with a child, seven of making or possessing indecent images of children, three of having extreme pornography and one of perverting the course of justice.

Mel said the charges were so disturbing that they didn’t sink in for her until the day of the court hearing. She recalled calling J.R. a “dirty bastard” after walking into the courtroom.

Mel noted that when she asked her children if J.R. had ever touched them, they responded that he had not.

The concerned mom has since set up a Facebook group in her hometown to name and shame her husband as well as other predators. Although police have asked her to delete the group for her safety following a death threat, Mel has refused to do so.

Sources: Inquisitr, Daily Mirror

Photo Credit: Handout via Inquisitr


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