British Woman Jailed After Falsely Claiming She Was Raped By Internet Date


A woman in the U.K. has been arrested after crying rape when a man she slept with ditched her in a hotel room because she looked nothing like her online dating profile photos.

Emily Pike, 23, met Tom Mills, 24, online before they arranged to spend the night together at a Premier Inn in Cribbs Causeway, Bristol.

But after deciding Pike did not match her dating profile, Mills made a quick exit and later texted her to say that he was helping a friend in trouble.

Pike contacted police and claimed Mills had raped her in the hotel and then again in the parking lot when they left together. However, CCTV images proved differently and she was jailed for 18 months at Bristol Crown Court for perverting the course of justice.

Mills was also arrested and sat through medical tests, swabs and questioning.

When police looked at the hotel CCTV, they saw the two did not leave together and phone messages did not support Pike’s claims.

“You know it is wrong to lie and it is wrong to lie and get somebody into trouble. Lie about rape and you are getting somebody into big trouble,” Judge Julian Lambert told her. “Whether you couldn’t learn, or you didn’t learn, your web of falsehoods led to a young man being arrested for rape. He was at risk of many years of prison and he spent 12 hours in custody.”

James Tucker, defending Pike, said she had a history of telling “fantastic lies” and also claimed to have married a man in Iraq.

Pike, of Caerphilly, South Wales, has 15 previous convictions, including one for a previous false rape claim.

“We take all reports of sexual assault and rape very seriously and this case should not deter people with genuine complaints coming forward to us,” Detective Constable Richard Worrin said after the court hearing. “I would like to stress that prosecutions such as this are extremely rare but false allegations of rape undermine the experiences of actual victims and can have a devastating impact on those who are wrongly accused.”

Sources: Daily Mail, Daily Mirror


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