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British Tourists Kicked Out of Nashville Hotel for Threatening Bad TripAdvisor Review

Three men from Britain arrived at the Knights Inn in Nashville. As they attempted to check in, they were denied access to their pre-paid rooms. The group's fourth friend, who was not present at the time, had secured the room on his credit card.

As the men grumbled about their situation, one mentioned reporting the inconvenience on This alarmed the hotel staff to such an extent they decided to have an armed guard forcible escort the men from the hotel, refusing to let them book another room.

The “travel-weary party [was] left stranded and [was] forced to drive to four neighbouring hotels in the early hours of the morning before finding a place to stay for the night,” says the Daily Mail.

Alan Lloyd, one of the men, says a hotel staffer “summoned an armed guard who stood with his hand on his gun as we picked up our suitcases and returned to the vehicle we’d hired.”

John Howard, another member of the British group, notes the ridiculousness of the event in lieu of the party’s exhaustion from traveling: “It was an insane situation. "He had empty rooms, two rooms had been paid for in advance, and yet here we were, completely tired out and road weary, and we could not get in."

As it turns out, Lee Wilkinson, the fourth member of the tourist group, had already arrived at the hotel earlier that day. He had been “awaiting his friends in a room upstairs with no mobile network signal to contact them,” writes the London Evening Standard.

Later, reports the London Evening Standard, James Patel, the hotel’s manager “apologized for the error and offered a discounted stay to the four friends.”

The travelers admitted that the situation has given them a very bad impression of the United States tourism industry.

Sources: Daily Mail, London Evening Standard, Travelers Today


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