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British Teen Sex Slave Allegedly Raped 90 Times in One Weekend

A teenage girl in the UK was allegedly raped 90 times in one weekend, according to a new report investigating sex slavery.

The report by the Centre for Social Justice (CSJ) contains evidence from the girl, 16 at the time, who says was taken into sexual slavery and raped by 90 men. Despite being “deeply traumatized” the girl gave evidence to the committee. She did not come from a background that put her at risk, but rather befriended girls who were vulnerable to abuse.

Andrew Wallis, working group chairman at the CSJ, told the committee the girl “is now safe,” according to the Sunday Times.

The CSJ, an independent think-tank set up by British conservative politician Iain Duncan Smith, is critical of the government for its “inadequate response” to the human slave trade.

Christian Guy, managing director at CSJ said “authorities are either failing to understand the nature of this abuse or turning a blind eye to its existence. Our once great nation of abolitionists is a shameful shadow of its former self.”

The report makes 80 recommendations, including the appointment of an independent anti-slavery commissioner, after uncovering the “shocking underworld” where more than 1,000 children and adults were trafficked into or within Britain from 2011 to 2012. British females trafficked in the sex trade made up almost one half of all UK slavery victims.

The report said those numbers are only “a pale reflection of the true size of the problem. British and foreign victims have been enslaved and forced into the sex trade, a life of crime, or domestic labor.

“We have been alarmed to learn that British children being trafficked within the country are often viewed as somehow being complicit in their exploitation. This is absurd and unacceptable.” Guy said. “Elements of control in these cases can be subtle and difficult to identify; this control frequently takes the form of sexual and other forms of violence, physical or emotional abuse, threats of violence towards family members or threats of public shaming.”

Source: Daily Mail


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