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British Swimmer Protected From Shark By Group Of Dolphins (Video)

A British swimmer was on a 16-mile journey through New Zealand waters when he spotted a shark swimming beneath him. Fortunately, he wound up being protected by a group of dolphins.

Adam Walker, an experienced long-distance open water swimmer, went to New Zealand to conquer the challenge of swimming the 16-mile Cook Strait between Wellington and Perano Head.

At a certain point during the swim, the herd of dolphins appeared to fight off a shark and protect Walker for the rest of his swim. Luckily, someone was able to capture the amazing experience on camera,

''It would be a nice thought they were thinking, we will just help our pal get through,” said Walker of the dolphins.

After the swim, Walker took to his Facebook page to share the story of how the dolphins protected him during his journey.

“Yesterday I swam the 6th of the 'oceans seven' swims 'Cook Strait' in 8 hours 36 mins,” wrote Walker. “But that doesn't tell the whole story rolling waves, big currents but more important than that a dream come true swimming with dolphins over an hour!! I'd like to think they were protecting me and guiding me home!!! This swim will stay with me forever.”

Walker’s swim across the Cook Strait was number six in the “Oceans Seven” challenge that brought swimmers like Walker to the seven most difficult long-oceans in the world to raise money for the Whale And Dolphin Conservation Society. Prior to the swim, Walker was told not to worry about sharks by an experienced mentor, but he did confirm that he had a run-in with one near the end of the 16-mile journey. Thankfully, Walker had the group of dolphins to protect him.

Take a look at the awesome video of Walker’s swim with the dolphins below.


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