British Columnist Katie Hopkins Says Darren Wilson Should Be Given A Medal For Killing Michael Brown


British columnist Katie Hopkins has proven to be nothing if not outspoken, but her latest comments regarding the unrest in Ferguson, Missouri, have stirred up more controversy than all of her previous statements combined.

On Tuesday, following the announcement that Ferguson, Missouri, police officer Darren Wilson would not face criminal charges for the shooting death of 18-year-old Michael Brown, Hopkins took to Twitter to express her not-so-subtle opinion on the case.

“Brown was not shot for being black. Brown was shot for being a thief and a thug. Give the officer a medal. Justice with knobs on,” Hopkins tweeted.

Hopkins’ comments were met with immediate criticism, as one Twitter user echoed the sentiments of others by responding, “No sweetie. You deserve a medal. For being the filthiest piece of scum I have ever come across in my life.”

Still, Hopkins seemed unfazed by the response to her tweet and took to Twitter again the very next day to add to her previous outburst.

“All too often law enforcement is put on trial whilst the thug ends up canonised by the mob. Looting in memory of Saint Brown,” Hopkins first tweeted, followed by another post that read, “If you play the Michael Brown video backwards – you will see he is actually running AWAY from the cop. Boll*cks.”

Do you think Hopkins went too far with her Twitter rants?

Sources:NY Daily News, Daily Mail, The Daily Mirror / Photo Source: The Daily Mirror


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