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U.K. Police: Burglars Rescued After Locking Themselves In Restaurant Freezer

Two would-be burglars probably never thought they would actually be happy to be found by police the night they entered a Chinese restaurant in Brighton, England. 

But, according to Sussex Police Chief Inspector Dave Padwick, that is exactly how the attempted burglary ended after the criminal duo accidentally locked themselves in the restaurant’s walk-in freezer. 

Stephen Fidler and Dene Temple entered the freezer to hide from police after officers showed up at the restaurant one night back in March, The Metro reports. The officers were responding to calls from neighbors saying people had been spotted in the business in the middle of the night. 

The officers said they could hear voices inside the restaurant but a quick sweep of the premises didn’t turn up anyone, until they poked their heads inside the freezer. 

There, police say, they found Fidler and Temple, shivering on the floor. 

The temperature in the freezer was well below freezing, according to the London Evening Standard.

Padwick said he didn’t think the two would have lasted long if police hadn’t found them. 

“When my officers found the suspects they were expecting a frosty reception but the suspects were very pleased to see them, which makes a change,” Padwick was quoted as saying in the Metro. 

“Our officers not only did a fantastic job of catching two burglars but also saved these two men's lives, who would have frozen to death inside,” he added. 

Fidler and Temple both pleaded guilty to burglary charges in May. They were both fined. Fidler was sentenced to 16 months in jail while Temple was given a four month curfew, a sentence similar to house arrest. 

Sources: Metro, London Evening Standard

Photo Credit: Metro, Sussex Police/Google Street View via LES


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