British Mom Criticized For Giving Young Daughters Spray Tans, Hair Extensions


A British mother of two made headlines after she revealed that she regularly treats her young daughters to spray tans, hair extensions and designer dresses.

According to their mother, Sophie-May Dixon, the girls own roughly 40 dresses each. Each dress cost around $70 and was created especially for them by a designer. The girls’ closets are also filled with designer dresses from Dolce & Gabbana and Ralph Lauren.

“I want them to look traditional,” Dixon said of her daughters, Princess Bliss (Prin) and Precious Bell (Presh). “They never wear jeans and I would never buy something from an ordinary High Street store.”

The single mother and student, who doesn’t work, declined to say how she pays for such luxuries.

“It doesn’t take a genius to work it out,” Dixon said. “Of course I pay for bills and necessities first. I’m not stupid.”

Dixon added that she’s not like other moms who indulge in drugs or alcohol – instead, she makes treating her daughters a priority.

Dixon noted that although she gets criticized for adding Swarovski crystals to her daughters’ dresses and indulging in designer shoes, she merely wants her children to look their best. Dixon has insisted that the high standard of beauty isn’t forced, and that both of her girls love to get dressed up.

Prin had her first spray tan at three, after she saw her mother getting one. From there, she started putting on lipstick to copy her mother and has loved dressing up ever since.

Presh, like her sister, had her ears pierced as a baby and had her first pedicure at just nine months old.

The family will be featured in "Blinging Up Baby" on Monday night.

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Sources: DailyMail, My Daily


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