British Mom Addicted To Big Macs Gives Up Habit, Loses 98 Pounds

British mom Jodie Edkins gave up McDonald’s and lost almost 100 pounds after confessing she had been addicted to the greasy fast food.

The 34-year-old fast food addict from Derbyshire would regularly eat Big Macs and fries at all hours of the day. She ballooned to a size 26 by 2011, when her daughter was diagnosed with a brain tumor.

Since Edkins spent so much time looking after her daughter, she could never manage to make a homemade meal and often opted for fast food as a simple solution. She would usually stop at the drive thru on the way to and from the hospital, or stop at the burger joint just steps from her front door.

Over the course of two years Edkins had eaten 1,000 Big Macs at 1,050 calories each.

When her daughter recovered, Edkins realized her eating habits had gotten out of hand and decided to quit.

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“I was horrified and didn’t recognize the person I saw,” Edkins said.

After eating one last Big Mac, Edkins joined a Slimming World group and lost 98 pounds. She dropped from a size 26 to a 14. Now, she makes home-cooked meals like chili or eats yogurt and fruit for lunch.

“I don’t even miss the McDonald’s now,” Edkins said. “I am so much happier without it in my life.”

Edkins, previously a supermarket worker, has now trained to be a Slimming World advisor in her hometown. She notes that she loves to go shopping now because her clothing options are no longer limited, and she cannot wait to encourage other busy moms to lose weight too.

Sources: NY Daily News, Metro

Photo Source: NY Daily News, Metro


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