British Middle School Bans Skirts from Dress Code, Claims They Led To "Unladylike" Behavior


Administrators at a Christian middle school in England are trying to crack down on “unladylike” behavior by banning students from wearing skirts.

Walkwood Church of England Middle School will change its dress code for girls starting in September and require them to wear trousers instead of skirts, according to MSN.

The eventual plan is for the girls in the Worcestershire school to wear uniforms that match those of their male classmates. In 2014, the school will also require girls to wear shirts instead of blouses, according to Metro News.

David Doubtfire, the school principal, said the school implemented the ban because students — especially the older girls — were abusing the dress code by wearing very short skirts.

“It was becoming difficult, especially when it came to them sitting down in the school hall,” he said. “It was very unladylike.”

Doubtfire said it was difficult to make students keep to the rules.

“We would ask them to make their skirts longer, but they would just roll them up again when we turned away,” he said.

Parents have had mixed reactions to the school’s decision. Some have expressed approval of the new dress code, but 20 have written complaints concerning it.

Some high schools have similar bans, but the middle school is the first to apply the rule to the young students.

Sources: MSN, Metro News 


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