British Medical Student Turned ISIS Doctor Pictured With Severed Head


A British medical student who reportedly left for Syria to join ISIS is pictured in a disturbing image holding a severed head.

Reports say that the woman, who goes by the Twitter name Mujahidah Bint Usama, is living in Raqqa, Syria working as a doctor for the terrorist organization. In the photo, the young woman can be seen wearing a full burka with a white lab coat on top. In one hand, she holds a severed head while two young children stand staring in the background.

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The photo was used as the woman’s Twitter profile picture for some time, but it has since been deleted. On her account, Usama has no shied away from spouting her extremist jihadi views, praising the 9/11 terror attacks and sharing images of the beheading of U.S. journalist Steven Sotloff earlier this month.

According to reports, Usama has been linked to the al-Khanssaa brigade, an all-female terrorist organization. The brigade vows to hunt down those they believe aren’t following sharia law.

Sources: Daily Mail, Daily Star


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