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British Man Slaps People If They Sneeze In Public

A man in his mid-to-late 50s is reportedly slapping people in Cumbria, England, for sneezing in public.

One of his most recent victims was an 82-year-old woman who sneezed on Tuesday. On Monday, he reportedly smacked another woman for sneezing.

"We are treating these two reported incidents as linked, and are appealing to the local community to help trace the man responsible. It is very unusual behavior, and will have left his victims feeling confused and upset," Cumbria Sgt. Gill Cherry told the Daily Mirror.

Local residents are frightened, but also amused by reports of the man.

“I have come here shopping on my day off and actually have a cold," Nicola Dawson said. “If anyone smacked me for sneezing I would smack them back."

Police could have a hard time catching the man as the town may let go over 50 civilians who answer phones for the cops.

According to the News & Star, the cuts are part of a money saving plan by the city. However, the police department hopes that by having the cops answer the phones they won't have to respond in person as much.

Sources: Daily Mirror, News & Star
Image Credit: Los Angeles County Museum of Art


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