British Man Says Wife's Transition Into A Man Made Their Marriage Stronger

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In the past year, British man Cathan Hopwood has transitioned from being a woman to a man, and his husband Graham couldn’t be any happier.

“Inside Cathan is still the same person I met and fell for,” Graham told the Mirror. “I always knew that [Cathan] wasn’t happy with [his] body…I wanted to help [him] to be happier.”

Cathan, who was adopted at six weeks, was raised by caring and loving parents. However, as a child, his parents couldn’t understand why he felt like he was in the wrong body.

“From the age of seven I knew I didn’t feel comfortable around other girls playing with dolls. I wanted to be with the boys playing war games and football,” Cathan said. “To make matters worse, I was never like a normal girl down below. Today I would have been diagnosed early on as ‘intersex.’”

Cathan added that he was often picked on in the locker room. Girls would call him names, punch and bully him. As a young adult, Cathan would often resort to drugs and alcohol during the weekends, especially to have sex. He reported that the act was often painful and never felt right. Finally, just one year ago, Cathan decided to have his breasts removed. Since then, he’s finally felt like himself.

Although many of the Hopwood’s friends and relatives were accepting, the couple lost a few relatives to Cathan’s transition. Cathan’s parents, who are in their 80s, still don’t accept Cathan as a man.

Despite the new challenges in their life, the couple now enjoys going to the gym together and cuddling like usual. According to the Hopwoods, their 12-year marriage is stronger than ever before.

Cathan will begin his hormone treatment with a gender clinic in June.

Sources: Mirror, Nigeria Tell / Photo Credit: Mirror


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