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British Man Drowns His Own Grandson In Bathtub, Tells Psychiatrist He Is Evil


A British grandfather from Lincolnshire who killed his grandson two days before Christmas has been sentenced.

On Dec. 23, 2014 Stewart Greene drowned his 9-year-old grandson, Alex Robinson, at his home when the boy’s mother left to buy a turkey for their holiday dinner.

Greene, 65, filled his bathtub with both faucets on, locked the door and drowned Alex.

He then rolled a cigarette and waited for the rest of the family to return. According to NY Daily News, he coolly told his daughter Joanne that, “I’ve drowned Alex in the bath,” when she returned home.

Greene has a history of mental illness and was dismissed from a psychiatric institution against his will two weeks before the incident, according to Sky News.

Greene did not want to live outside the mental health facility and had previously attacked people, including trying to strangle a doctor, in an effort to stay in the facility.

"I'm just an evil murdering b------ who killed his grandson," he later said to a psychiatrist.

Greene claims his grandson’s death was a consequence of weakened responsibility, and denied committing murder.

He later changed his plea and will now serve a minimum of 22 years in prison.

"I'm overwhelmed,” said Alex's father, John Robinson, after hearing the sentence.“We've come a long way, it's been very hard but we have justice for our little boy." 

During the verdict, Judge Justice Thirlwall told Greene his deed was one of cold-heartedness. 

"You manipulate people to get what you want," she said. "This was not the product of mental illness, it was wholly your responsibility."

The judge added: "Your concern was for yourself — 'will I go to hospital? I can't do prison.’ You describe yourself as having been selfish all your life, of that there is not the slightest doubt."

Sources: NY Daily News, Sky News / Photo source: International Business Times

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