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British Man Convicted Of Robbery After Victim Recognized Him As Her Daughter's Ex-Boyfriend (Video)

A 24-year-old British man is behind bars after surveillance video (shown below) caught him robbing a convenience store at knifepoint. 

But, as the Mirror points out, it wasn’t the necessarily the video that led to Kyle Iveson’s arrest, it was that he robbed his ex-girlfriend’s mom, who easily recognized him. 

The Daily Mail reports Iveson was recently sentenced to three years behind bars for robbing 54-year-old Karen Brown as she was working behind the register of the Thorougoods convenience store in Clitheroe, Lancashire, back in February. 

Video of the robbery shows an individual, clad in all black, waving a long knife at Brown and motioning for her to open the register. 

She complied and Iveson eventually made off with approximately $950. 

Brown told the court she was terrified during the robbery. 

“He came round the side of the counter and he had the knife at the side of me,” she said. 

“He was trying to get the till open and he kept saying, ‘You’d better get that till open now,' and calling me a b****.”

But Brown said she easily recognized Iveson as her daughter’s old boyfriend and the father of her grandchild. 

“He was one of those people who has a certain type of walk and although he had a scarf around his face and his hood up, I recognized him a mile off,” Brown reportedly said after the sentencing hearing. 

“I think it was half personal and half to line his pockets,” she said of the robbery. “But he's stupid and he thought I wouldn't know it was him.”

According to the Daily Mail, Brown said she thought Iveson targeted her. 

“He picked the shop because he knew I would be working, he knew my shift patterns,” she said. 

“He came in 15 minutes after I'd started my shift that night, and it made it worse for me knowing who it was because I didn't think he would stop at anything,” she added. 

Brown said she didn’t think the sentence was long enough. 

“It was terrifying for me and it has ruined my life. It’s no comfort at all knowing he will be out again in no time,” she said, according to the Mirror. 

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Photo Credit: SWNS, Screen shot from LiveLeak


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