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Man Allegedly Chopped Up Father, Put Dismembered Body In Storage Boxes And Used Them As Television Stand

A British man is accused of killing and chopping his father to pieces, then using his body as a television stand.

Nathan Robinson, 27, allegedly murdered his 350-pound, 6-foot-5 father, William Spiller, 48, then cut the victim’s body into small pieces in June 2013, Gawker notes.

Robinson, of Bournemouth, England, placed the dismembered parts into a set of stacked storage boxes, which he later used as a TV stand.

Police found the body only after a downstairs neighbor complained of “pink liquid” dripping through his ceiling, BBC reports.

The son allegedly used a box cutter, saw and hacksaw to cut his father’s body after an argument about money and finances at an apartment they shared in Bournemouth. Spiller’s head was found in a filing cabinet.

When the neighbor confronted Robinson about the liquid, the suspect was described as “very calm, just normal, very collected.”

According to the Bournemouth Echo, the court was played calls to the police from neighbor David Kiff, who said: “About two weeks ago they [Mr Spiller and his son] had a fight or scuffle up there [in the flat above].

“I heard the older gent shout out, ‘Get me an ambulance, get me an ambulance’. Since that time I haven’t seen the son or the father. The son was doing something in the bathroom which flooded, and flooded my bathroom [too]. I’ve got pink down my wall and it looks like a trickle of blood in the corner by the bath.”

Robinson took about $12,000 of his father’s money and went on vacation to Glasgow after the alleged murder, according to prosecutors, while sending text messages purporting to come from his deceased father.

Robinson reportedly spent about $500 of his father’s money on “drinking, eating and socializing” with his friends. According to the New York Daily News, he confessed to the killing and dismembering, but he denies murder.

“There is no issue between the prosecution and defense that, first, the defendant did kill his father; second, cut up his body into parts and placed them piece by piece into plastic storage boxes; or, third, he took the sums of money,” prosecutors told the jury. “The issue for you to resolve centers on was the defendant’s responsibility at the time of the killing diminished by virtue of an abnormality of mental function so as to reduce the crime from murder to manslaughter?”

The trial continues Thursday and is expected to last three weeks.

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