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British Man Acquitted In Attacking His Pregnant Wife After She Turned Down Sex With Him

A court decision to acquit a man who assaulted his pregnant wife when she refused to have sex with him has sparked outrage.

Mehmet Ayata, 21, slapped Natasha Donmall during a dispute in November of last year, the Chronicle reports.

The couple had only been married for five months and was arguing the previous night after she saw emails which suggested that he had been with other women, Newcastle Crown Court was told.

Donmall, who had converted to Islam during the two and a half years the couple had been together, was left with a cut on her lip after the dispute.

The couple has since split up, but had a four-month-old son at the time of the altercation and she is due to give birth to their daughter this weekend.

Prosecutor Christopher Rose told the court that Ayata had come home drunk in the middle of the night Nov. 21 and slept on the sofa, and then woke in a “strange mood.”

“He grabbed her hand and led her into the hallway,” Rose said, according to “He pushed her up against the wall. She realized he wanted sex with her. She tried to move away but he kept pressing against her.

"She thought he was either embarrassed or angry she would not have sex with him. He struck her across the left side of her face, causing immediate pain. She fell to her knees. She was very frightened.”

Ayata, of Whitehorn Crescent, Newcastle, admitted to the assault and was sentenced to a community order for 18 months with supervision and program requirements.

Ayata and Donmall have not been in contact with each other since the attack, but he hopes to keep in touch with his children through family members.


Photos via Daily Mirror


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