British Judge Removes Children From Mother's Custody After Authorities Find Body In Grandparents' Home (Photos)


A British judge recently took away the children of a mother who had pleaded guilty to neglect, after authorities found her staying, with her children, in her parents’ squalid home which was later found to have a dead body in an upstairs bedroom. 

A Liverpool Crown Court judge sentenced the woman to an 18-month community order — a sentence similar to probation — and ordered her 4- and 5-year-old sons into the custody of guardians, The Daily Mail reports.

Prosecuting attorney Sarah Holt told Judge Stephen Everett that the woman, who for legal reasons has not been named in news stories, was warned by social services workers that she should no longer take her children to their grandparents’ home because of the conditions there. 

The grandparents have been described as compulsive hoarders, living in a state of total filth.

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“Every day she was going in and out of the property with her two boys,” Holt told the judge at sentencing. “Social services had done their best to persuade the defendant that it was in her, and her children’s, best interests not to be at the house.”

Testimony at the sentencing offered insight into what police and health officials found when they went to investigate after neighbors complained that windows of the home were covered with dead insects. 

According to a story from the Liverpool Echo, officials who entered the home in the village of Knowsley, Merseyside were confronted with a stench emanating from piles of garbage. 

One worker reportedly joked to the owners of the home, “Have you got a dead body upstairs?”

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According to Holt, that is exactly what authorities found behind a bedroom door covered with insects. 

The decomposing body belonged to the son of the homeowners who said they had no idea the body was in the room. Authorities believe the body had been there for about a month. 

Holt said the man’s mother “nearly fell down the stairs” when officials discovered the body. 

“It’s not possible to say when he died and certainly not possible to say how he died,” Holt told the judge. “His former girlfriend in Scotland said she last had contact with him a month before his body was found.”

Everett, who viewed pictures of the home’s condition, called the house “absolutely disgusting.”

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“The home was in a disgusting state,” he told the mother of the two boys. “You described them yourself as hoarders. Even without the tragic circumstance of your brother’s death, the reality is that the house was not a place where young children should be.

“You lost all sense of responsibility to your children,” he added.

Everett said the only good thing to come from the story was that the woman’s sons were reported to be doing well in their new living arrangement. 

Sources: Daily Mail, Liverpool Echo

Photo Credit: Daily Mail


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