British Hacking Whistleblower Sean Hoare Found Dead

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Sean Hoare, one of the more prominent whistleblowers in Britain's phone hacking scandal, has reportedly been found dead. Hoare was found dead at his home on Monday, the Guardian reports. Police say the death is not suspicious.

Hoare was a reporter at the News of the World, the newspaper that closed down because of the scandal. He was the first named journalist to accused former editor Andy Coulson of knowing about the hacking. Coulson, who is also the former communications director to Prime Minister David Cameron, was arrested last week.

Hoare told The New York Times that not only did Coulson know about the hacking, he actively encouraged reporters to intercept phone calls to and from celebrities. He repeated the accusations to several news outlets over the past week weeks.

"You'd consider it a job done. The chain of command is one of absolute discipline and that's why I never bought into it, like with Andy saying he wasn't aware of it and all that. That's bollocks."

Coulson has denied the accusations.

Hoare was fired from the newspaper because of drug and alcohol problems, to which he openly admitted. "That's irrelevant," he said, to the accusations he was making.

It's not clear exactly why Hoare died, but police said, "The death is currently being treated as unexplained, but not thought to be suspicious. Police investigations into this incident are ongoing."


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