British Dad Arrested In Spain After Punching Alleged Pedophile For Filming His Daughter

A British father was arrested after he punched an alleged pedophile for taking pictures of his daughter at a restaurant. The man later died.

Kainth Davinder was spending time with his family at a restaurant called The Spinnaker in the Spanish town of Sotogrande on Feb. 7.

He noticed a man recording his daughter with an iPad and asked him to stop. The 37-year-old German, Sandro Rottman, refused and that’s when the father grabbed the iPad, flung it to the ground and punched him in the head, according to police.

Davinder then left the restaurant with his family as paramedics attended to the man he had punched. Security staff called the police who later arrested Davinder in his nearby home.

Rottman was taken to La Linea Hospital but died soon after. A source at the Spanish Guardia Civil said: “We believe he died as a result of the single punch he received but this is yet to be confirmed by the post-mortem results.”

Although they could not confirm the cause of death, detectives were able to confirm that Rottman “had been arrested a few days earlier for possession of child pornography,” according to a statement.

The restaurant owner, who wished to not be named, said that Rottman “appeared to be taking pictures of everyone, not just the British man’s daughter.”

“It all seemed very innocent to me,” the owner told The Telegraph. “The British man was with his family. He seemed to get very upset all of a sudden and punched the other man before anyone could stop him. He’d already paid for his dinner and left immediately.

“The German man is very normal,” added the owner. “I knew nothing about him being arrested last month.”

An investigation is currently underway but no formal charges have been made against the 40-year-old British dad.

A Guardia Civil spokesman issued a statement on the matter: “The incident happened because of a video the victim had been recording of the British man’s daughter," the statement read. “He snatched the tablet he was using and when he discovered there were images of his daughter on it, threw it to the ground and assaulted him. The victim had been arrested by the Guardia Civil a few days earlier for possession of child pornography.”

A police source added they do not believe Davinder “had any idea about the German man’s arrest for possession of child pornography.”

Sources: Mirror Online, The Telegraph / Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons


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