Couple Shocked To Discover Spider Floating In Their Soda (Photos)


A UK couple recently found a gross surprise in their Coca Cola.

Amanda Barr, 26, and her husband Steve Knight, 28, bought a three-liter bottle of Coke thinking they’d get a good deal with 50% extra. What they didn’t expect, however, is that along with the additional soda, they would also find an eight-legged surprise inside. As Knight poured Barr a glass of Coke, he was shocked to discover that there was a spider in the drink.

“Steve came back from the kitchen with two glasses and said to me that I probably wouldn’t want to drink it,” said Barr to Metro. “I had a look in my glass, and I couldn’t believe it – there was a huge spider floating in it. Heaven knows where it came from – it doesn’t look like any British spider I’ve ever seen.”

Barr insists that the spider didn’t come from their home because this happened immediately after opening up the bottle of soda.

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“There’s no way that spider could have come from anywhere but inside the bottle,” said Barr. “We store our glasses upside down, and that was the first pouring from the bottle.”

Since the story and pictures have started to spread online, Coca-Cola has released a statement saying that they plan to investigate this further to make sure that it doesn’t happen again.

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“We can understand the distress this incident must have caused,” said a spokesperson for Coca-Cola in a statement. “That’s why we have arranged to collect the bottle and spider from her so that we can investigate thoroughly this complaint. These particular plastic bottles are produced in a machine called a ‘blow-fill machine’. This blows the bottles into shape and then fills them immediately in a clean and secure environment at speeds of 13,000 bottles an hour… we believe it is very unlikely that anything could have found its way inadvertently into products made on this particular machine. But we will know more once we have received the bottle back from [Ms. Barr] and can conduct the necessary tests on its contents.”

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While this is likely just an isolated incident, people will probably think twice the next time they go shopping for soda.

Sources: Metro, Buzzfeed, Uproxx


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