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British Cab Driver Earns Reward After Returning Bag Full Of Cash To Worried Passenger

A British taxi driver earned a cash reward and a friend for life recently when he returned a bag containing 10,000 pounds cash — equivalent to nearly $15,000 — to a passenger who had left it in his cab. 

The Mirror reports 46-year-old Adrian Quinn, a car dealer, was running behind and feeling rushed when he hopped out 55-year-old Mohammed Nisar’s cab, leaving behind the bag full of cash. 

“I was physically sick when I realized what I had done,” Quinn told the Mirror. “Losing that money would have meant the end of my business.”

Quinn said he doesn’t typically carry that much cash but because he had been running behind he hadn’t yet made it to a bank.

According to the Daily Mail, Quinn was eventually able to flag down another cab and catch a ride back to the taxi stand where he first met Nisar. 

The driver was sitting in his taxi with the bag on the passenger seat next to him. 

“I told him ‘Do you know what’s in the bag?’” Quinn said. “‘Put it this way, it is not a box of sandwiches or a newspaper. There’s 10,000 pounds in there.’”

It is unclear if Nisar ever looked in the bag, but he said he always returns items he finds in his cab.

“At the end of the day honesty is the best policy,” he said. “There are some drivers who don't return things but what is the point?

“If the council had not have called me and no one had claimed it after 12 or 24 hours I would have taken that bag straight to the police station,” Nisar added. 

Quinn gave the honest driver a cash reward in an envelope addressed to “my best friend in the world,” and even invited Nisar and his wife to dinner at his home. 

Nisar said he hopes other drivers learn from his act of kindness. 

“My message is to encourage all my taxi driving brothers that if they find something valuable just give it back,” he said. 

Sources: Mirror, Daily Mail

Photo Credit: WikiCommons, Caters News Agency via Daily Mail


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