British Businessman Found With 250,000 Images of Child Pornography Given Community Service

A British businessman was found with more than a quarter million pornographic images of children on his computer. He is being sentenced to 300 hours of community service and a suspended prison sentence in lieu of immediate jail time.

The Daily Mail reports that 53-year-old Dennis Igo was found with at least 255,667 images and 834 videos on his computer, some of which he made, of children ages 5 to 14. He may have had more, but the police said they did not have the resources to examine all of them.

He also possessed some images of bestiality.

Mold Crown Court decided that Igo’s “special circumstances” should protect him from an immediately prison term. The story went that he had lost his life savings and that his wife was being treated for breast cancer at the time he became addicted to child porn. Igo was in a “very dark place” between June 2006 and March 2013, when the photos and videos were obtained. 

Igo looked at the pictures every day for up to three or four hours.

According to defense attorney Nicholas Williams, Igo was relieved when his addiction was curtailed by his arrest.

For his crime, Igo received a two-year prison sentence suspended for two years. In the mean time, he will have to complete 300 hours of unpaid community service and must attend 36 sessions of an internet sex offender treatment program. He will have to register as a sex offender for ten years and will not be allowed to download any images from the internet.

Member of Parliament Susan Elan Jones asked for an urgent review of his sentence.

In the letter to the Attorney General she wrote, “Mr. Igo has pleaded guilty to some extremely disturbing charges and I feel that the sentence awarded is totally inadequate when one considers the crimes that have been committed.”

Jones told the Shropshire Star that her constituents in Bronington “are all as horrified as I am."

Sources: Daily Mail, Shropshire Star


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