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Britain's Ministry of Defense Releases 60 Years' Worth of UFO Sightings

Britain's Ministry of Defense has released nearly 60 years worth of UFO sighting reports on Friday. There are 4,300 pages of documents describing sightings over Stonehenge and Parliament, and an explanation as to why the ministry shut down its UFO desk three and a half years ago.

Because many more people have access to cameras, the number of UFO reports in the country has doubled since 2008. And in 2009, that number tripled.

The number of reports was one of the reasons they shut down their UFO research.

"That really did put a strain on the resources that the MoD had committed to this subject, and really led up to their decision to finally pull the plug on Britain's X-Files, simply because they just didn't have the resources to investigate these sightings, or to look at them in any detail," David Clarke, UFO historian, said. "So they just tended to be filed away."

Many reports were indeed filed away, including one that reported a UFO sighting over Stonehenge in 2009. 

A witness sent them photos of it, saying, "I didn't see anything in the sky at the time, because I was focusing upon the stones. Upon uploading them to my computer, though, I spotted the discoid shapes in the background…I'm sure you get this kind of thing every day! However, I'm very fond of my UFOs so needed to share them!"

They wrote back saying that they do not identify the source of UFO sightings unless there is "evidence of a potential threat to the United Kingdom."

The same reply was sent to a person who reported seeing "a craft that had green, red and white lights" over the Houses of Parliament in February 2008.

Clarke said most images sent to them between late 2007 and late 2009 were so blurry that they could not tell if they were suspicious or not. 

Many sightings also turned out to have earthly explanations, including a sighting of rotating objects that turned out to be Chinese lanterns.

"We have now come to the end of this program of release for the UFO files, and it is often said about UFOs that 'the truth is out there,'" Clarke said. "In my opinion, the truth is actually in here, in these files."

Sources: NBC, National Archives


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