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Britain Forces Lesbian Asylum Seeker To Prove She's Gay

Aderonke Apata, 47, recently had her application for asylum in Great Britain denied.

Apata, who has lived in Britain since 2004 and is a gay rights activist, does not want to be deported to Nigeria, her home country.

Nigeria criminalized homosexuality in 2014. The new law punishes people with 14 years in jail for same-sex marriages, and sentences them to 10 years for "promoting" homosexuality, noted US News & World Report.

Apata self-identifies as a lesbian, but the British government is questioning that claim because she has given birth to children, reports The Telegraph.

Apata, her fiancee and a group of pro-gay activist supporters appeared in London’s High Court this week to appeal the government's decision. Apata has reportedly provided sexual videos and pictures to prove she is a lesbian.

Andrew Bird, a lawyer representing the government, said that Apata isn't "part of the social group known as lesbians," but admitted that Apata had "indulged in same-sex activity."

"You can’t be a heterosexual one day and a lesbian the next day. Just as you can’t change your race," Bird stated in court.

Apata was previously diagnosed with a post-traumatic stress disorder, and reportedly tried to kill herself in prison.

Sources: US News & World Report, The Telegraph
Image Credit: Jiri Hodan


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