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Bristol Zoo Accused Of Mismanaging Animals

Bristol Zoo in England is supposed to be a sanctuary for many animals, but a whistleblower told the Daily Mail that some animals may not be safe there. 

A critically endangered warty pig named Elvis bred with female dubbed Manilla, but he then ate his offspring. The unnamed whistleblower said “He then also attacked the mother (Manilla) by eating her rear end. She was so badly injured she had to be put down.” 

“This meant the loss of a family of rare warty pigs that could have been avoided by keeping the male separate.”

A spokesperson for Bristol Zoo said, “Manilla showed no physical signs of being pregnant. The birth of her litter and the subsequent incident with the male was completely unforeseeable.”

Just a few weeks later, an endangered golden lion tamarin monkey escaped and fell into the pond that surrounded its enclosure. “It was trapped in a drainage valve, and then eaten by American otters,” the whistleblower said.

The monkey is native to Brazil and only 10,000 individuals remain in the wild. 

A week ago, three rainbow lorikeets, which are native to Australia, escaped through a hole in their cage and flew away. Two of the birds were recovered, but one is still on the loose.

The spokesperson added, “(Bristol Zoo has the) highest standards of animal welfare, education and conservation in Europe, as well as world-class in-house veterinary care.”

Source: Daily Mail Image via Eric Kilby/Flickr


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