Brion Adam Kriss Completes ‘Triathalon’ in Epic Police Escape


Brion Adam Kriss, 23, was involved in a hit-and-run this past Wednesday morning. Simply calling it a hit-and-run, however, is underselling what happened. He also biked. And swam.

As the Daily Mail describes, Kriss might as well have completed a triathalon following the incident, as he attempted “to flee officers from three police forces, a dog unit and a helicopter by driving between two states, stealing a bike and swimming across a lake.”

Initially, police were called regarding "a hit and run crash in a parking lot in Fenwick Island, Del., shortly before 10 a.m."

Shortly after that, Kriss was spotted about an hour after the accident driving “in a reckless manner.” When police caught up to him, he fled across the Maryland border and did not bother looking back.

Inquisitr gives us the low-down on the chase from there, writing that Kriss:

[He] looked to evade the attention of police by then leaving the Coastal Highway, but when he rejoined it he crashed into two cars, before he then collided with a telegraph pole. Rather than giving up because of his crash, Mr. Kriss continued on foot and managed to avoid police even further by then stealing a bicycle which he rode toward the Gold Coast Shopping Mall, all whilst two police officers from Delaware chased him. Once he entered the mall his chances of escape plummeted as officers surrounded the building, however Mr. Kriss then completed his triathlon by diving into the bay which was located behind the shopping mall and attempting to swim away from police.

“After several officers had allegedly been assaulted trying to stop him,” reports the Daily Mail, police finally managed to apprehend Kriss.

The Ocean City Police are currently investigating this incident, reports WUSA9, and charges against Kriss are pending in Delaware.

Sources: Daily Mail, Inquisitr, WUSA9


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