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Marijuana Vote Could Lead to Democratic Wins in November

By Mike Meno

Could marijuana ballot initiatives be the key to Democratic electoral victories? Joshua Green at The Atlantic seems to think so.

Acting on a tip from an Obama official, I found a few Democratic consultants who have become convinced that ballot initiatives legalizing marijuana, like the one Californians will vote on in November, actually help Democrats in the same way that gay marriage bans were supposed to have helped Republicans.

Scott Morgan at StoptheDrugWar sums it up nicely:

When political pundits begin speculating about our ability to bring out voters, that sends a message to politicians in a language they understand. For decades, the Democratic Party has remained shamefully silent on marijuana policy — despite overwhelming support for reform within its base – all because party leaders persist in clinging foolishly to the 1980’s mentality that any departure from the “tough on drugs” doctrine is political suicide. What now?


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