Bridgeport Cop Makes Headlines For Helping Kid Fix Bike While On Duty


A Bridgeport, Connecticut, police officer didn’t think he’d done anything special, but Cody Remy’s decision to stop and help a child fix his bike while on duty April 11 has made headlines. The act of kindness has drawn the attention of local residents and officials keen to show their gratitude to Remy for his actions.

Remy’s good deed may well have gone unnoticed, had it not been for the presence of a neighbor who lives in the same apartment complex as the child. Remy was totally unaware that the resident had snapped a picture of him stopping to assist with the kid’s bike. It was later sent to local media outlets.

It didn’t take long for Bridgeport’s mayor, Bill Finch, to find out about Remy’s action. He released a statement praising the officer: “Officer Remy’s act of helping out a child in need in our community is a great example. He doesn’t think he did anything extraordinary. But I disagree. The picture speaks for itself. And, I’ll leave it up to others in our community and beyond to decide for themselves.”

The mayor’s office also took the opportunity to thank local police officers for their work in the community, pointing out that the crime rate in Bridgeport is currently at a historic low. The statement referred to a report by WPRI, which found that Bridgeport has seen the largest drop in crime over the past decade among cities of a similar size across New England.

Finch is convinced that this is at least in part due to the work of the Bridgeport police department. “Bridgeport police officers help protect our community day in and day out,” he said. “They help make our neighborhoods safer and more secure for kids and families, ensuring our city continues getting better every day.”

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Sources: NBC,The Blaze / Photo credit: WFSB-TV


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