Bride Marries Wedding Guest After Indian Wedding Goes Wrong

Jugal Kishore, a 25-year-old resident of Moradabad, India, recently lost his would-be bride after having a seizure related to epilepsy during their wedding ceremony. Indira, the bride, promptly chose another husband from the crowd of guests.

The ‘varmala’ ceremony is a traditional Indian marriage ritual where the groom places a garland of flowers around his bride’s neck. During this ceremony, Kishore had an epilepsy attack, prompting a visit to the hospital and outrage from the bride’s family.

Indira and her family were angry that Kishore’s epilepsy had never been discussed with the bride. Indira quickly announced that she refused to marry Kishore but would marry another person that same day.

The 23-year-old chose Harpal Singh, a guest at the wedding. Singh is the brother-in-law of Indira’s sister.

While it seemed that Singh was not expecting the proposal, he accepted the offer. The two quickly finished the wedding ceremony that had earlier been aborted and were married.

However, Kishore spent only a brief time at the doctor and managed to make it back to the ceremony.

He and his family begged Indira and her family to take him as her husband. Some relatives even threatened Indira. Kishore filed a report with police but later withdrew it.

A spokesman from the police force said, “Both families have amicably resolved the matter. The complaints have been withdrawn. Kishore and his family have now returned in peace to Moradabad."

Sources: The Times Of India / Photo Source: Indian Roots


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