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Bride-To-Be Heartbroken To Discover Turkish Fiance's Double Life On Facebook (Photos)

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A bride-to-be was heartbroken to discover via social media that her fiancé had another girlfriend for months during their relationship.

Karen Reidy, a 40-year-old hotel worker from Manchester, England, met Sakir Candan in 2012 while on vacation in Marmaris. Reidy took the vacation as a means of escape following the death of her mother, and met Candan – then 26 years old – on a beach.

“Sakir was younger than me but I really fell for him. He was charming and looking back, I was vulnerable after my mum's [sic] death,” she said, according to the Daily Mail. After returning home, the pair kept in touch and their relationship progressed.

"He messaged me constantly and sent cards, telling me how much he missed me. He sent me little love notes signed Spartacus or Emre - his nicknames,” Reidy said.

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The couple soon began vacationing together, backpacking around Europe and taking trips to the Baltics and Macedonia.

“I paid for everything; our flights and our hotels and all our spends. Sakir was a shopaholic and I bought him shoes, clothes and a new phone,” she said. “Looking back of course I was a fool, but I was in love. Sakir came from a poor family. We were planning a life together so it seemed natural for us to share what money we had.

“As well as paying for our holidays, I lent Sakir money too," she added. "I regularly wired cash over to him, £500 [$752.67] here and there. But I believed that he would pay me back."

Reidy was so in love that she even dropped 112 pounds and 10 dress sizes just to impress her man.

“I didn't even eat - I lost eight stone [112 pounds] I was so love-sick," she explained. "I went from 19 stone [266 pounds] to 11 stone [154 pounds] and dropped ten dress sizes.”

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In the fall of 2013, Candan proposed to Reidy with a ring that had his name engraved on it. They began planning a wedding, and in February of last year she traveled to Turkey to visit his family and make arrangements.

When she returned home, she received a Facebook message from a woman who claimed to have been seeing Candan for months.

“I didn't believe it at first. But when I went on her Facebook page, there was Sakir, wrapped around her - wearing a shirt I had bought for him! I was devastated,” she said, the Daily Mirror reports. After long conversations with the woman about their relationships, Reidy was sent a photo of a souvenir cup from Istanbul given to the woman by Candan. It was the exact same cup Reidy had been given for her birthday when she and Candan were dating.

“When she showed me a photo of the cup, my jaw dropped. He had bought me the exact same cup for my birthday,” she said. Reidy confronted Candan about the affair, and he eventually admitted to everything.

“It would be funny if I wasn't so broken-hearted. Sakir has ripped out my heart and ripped off my wallet,” she said, estimating that she’d spent roughly £7,000 [$10,537] on him throughout their relationship.

“I paid for everything the whole time we were together. I bought him clothes, shoes and a bike and I lent him cash countless times,” she said. “It all came crashing down around me. I suddenly saw what an idiot I had been. My family and friends had been right all along.”

Reidy, who has vowed to remain single for the time being, said she recently ran into Candan while in Marmaris and confronted him about the money she spent.

“I went out every night partying and having fun and I bumped into him, one evening, with my friends,” she said. “I didn't waste my holiday though. I had a wonderful time, sunbathing and partying. He's in the past. But I will never have another holiday romance.”

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