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Gunman Opens Fire At Wedding In Brazil (Video)

A wedding in Brazil turned into a nightmare when a man pulled out a gun and opened fire on three people attending the ceremony (video below).

In footage of the incident uploaded to YouTube, a man and woman can be seen walking arm-in-arm down the aisle of a church, while a man wearing a striped polo shirt and jeans walks slowly behind them.

As they reach the front of the church, the man in the striped shirt enters a pew and appears to exchange words with one of the guests. Seconds later he pulls a handgun from his waistband and fires six shots at point blank range. Screams can be heard as people scatter from the church.

The gunman has been identified as Umberto Ferreira dos Santos, according to the Daily Mail.

Three people were injured in the shooting, all of them from the same family. Cicero Barbosa da Silva, 62, and his son Edmilson Bezerra da Silva, 37, are both in stable condition after undergoing surgery. Edmilson's wife, whose arm was clipped by a bullet, was released from the hospital following treatment.

Police believe that dos Santos, who is reportedly employed by the local government and is a cousin of a legislator, was attempting to avenge the recent killing of his son. Edmilson was the prime suspect in the case, according to the Daily Mail.

Witnesses say dos Santos approached Edmilson and accused him of killing his son. He then pulled out his gun and began shooting.

"We have no idea what is the motive of this attempted murder, nor why it was done precisely during the wedding, as the victims walked around the town freely and any time of the day or night," one witness who spoke on condition of anonymity said.

The wedding ceremony reportedly went ahead as planned after the victims were transported to a nearby hospital.

Police have yet to locate dos Santos.

Warning: This footage contains graphic footage.

Sources: YouTube, Daily Mail / Photo Credit: krvvitaliy/Pixabay

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