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Groom Surprises Wedding Guests During Service (Video)

Stuart Kettell pulled a memorable stunt on his wedding day that initially left many guests worried (video below).

Halfway through the wedding service, Kettell left his bride, Vicky, at the altar after informing the vicar he had forgotten to bring the ring, the Mirror reported.

Kettell ran out of the church, slamming the door behind him. But while some guests feared the day had taken a bad turn, Kettell had everything under control.

“People would have been expecting me to do something on my wedding day, so I knew I had to think of something,” he said.

Even Kettell’s closest relatives were taken aback.

“I decided it would be a good thing to prank my brother and best man, Robert,” he said. “I’d told him before the service not to worry about the rings and that I would bring them to the church.” 

As soon as Kettell left the church, a video projection screen dropped down at the front to show him on an epic journey to retrieve the forgotten rings.

“I’d already told Vicky I was going to do something at the wedding and so if anything happened I told her not to panic,” he said.

In the video, guests saw Kettell catching a ride on a tractor, jumping over a fence, riding a bicycle and stealing a boat to return home, all while dressed in his wedding suit.

“Initially I was going to do it during the speeches but I thought that would be too obvious, so I spoke with the vicar, Mark Bratton, to see if I could get him on board and do it during the service,” Kettell added.

One of the funniest parts in the video was saved for the end, when Kettell arrived home to discover he had forgotten his keys. Luckily, he managed to climb through the window to find the rings.

“I filmed it all a week before the wedding, it was really fun and the guests loved it, it was a real talking point of the day,” he said.

Kettell has been in the news before for his unusual stunts.

In July 2014, he attempted to push a Brussels sprout up Mount Snowden in Wales using his nose as part of a fundraising initiative for a cancer charity. BBC reported that it took him four days to reach the top of the 3,560-foot-high mountain.

In another stunt for charity, Kettell remained suspended in a glass box for a week.

Sources: Mirror, BBC / Photo credit: Screenshot via Daily Mail

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