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Customer Forces Bridal Shop To Shut Down Because Of Ebola Then Requests A $500 Refund

An Ebola survivor who visited an Ohio bridal store and caused it to shut down for three weeks is now asking that same store for a refund for her bridesmaids’ dresses.

Amber Vinson visited Coming Attractions Bridal and Formal store in Akron, Ohio, in October. She had a mild fever at the time and later checked into a hospital, where she was diagnosed with Ebola.

According to the CDC, Vinson was not contagious at the time of her visit to Coming Attractions. Still, the owner of the bridal store, Anna Younker, took necessary precautions and shut down her business for three weeks.

After losing thousands of dollars in business, paying a company to decontaminate the entire building and dealing with the stigma that came with the Ebola scare, Younker is shocked at the letter she received from Vinson’s attorney, requesting a $479.89 refund for the dresses her bridesmaids had put deposits on.

“The lady who was here and caused the problem here wants her money back,” Younker told “If anybody that would back me up or continue to do business with us, I would expect it to be her.”

Vinson, who is now Ebola-free, is requesting $107 back for two bridesmaids and $132.92 for her other two bridesmaids who either bought or put down deposits on dresses at Younker’s now tainted bridal store. The refund money would then be used by Vinson to buy the dresses elsewhere, according to a letter from her attorney, Stephen Malouf.

The letter read, “In order to minimize additional public scrutiny, Amber has decided that it would be best if she used another bridal shop for her bridesmaids’ dresses, and kept it strictly confidential.”

Younker said she had no plans of paying Vinson a refund and is discussing the letter with her attorney. “I don’t know what she thinks about our business,” Younker added. “Does she think she’s hurt it enough? I don’t know what’s going through her head.”

Source: Newsnet5, NY Daily News / Photo Credit: Associated Press


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