Brian Wutschke Arrested for Performing Oral Sex on a Sex Toy While Driving

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A 30-year-old woman waiting at a bus stop on the corner of University and Marion Street in St. Paul found herself making a very unusual 911 call on Wednesday, August 21, after a man pulled his car directly in front of her and stopped.

Within minutes after she was connected with a St. Paul police dispatcher, the call went out for officers near University Avenue to look out for "a white male in a red pickup performing oral sex on a white dildo," according

Cars behind the man had been honking their horns, trying to get him to move, the woman added. Plus, there were kids around, she said,

Police responders to the call quickly noticed a red pickup on University near Wheeler Street, several blocks west of Snelling Avenue, and pulled it over.The driver was identified at Brian Wutschke, 45, of Farmington.

Police searched the interior of his truck and found a sex toy under a flannel shirt. They also noted several pairs of women's panties strewn around the interior, including hanging from the rear-view mirror and the gear shift, according

Officers then performed a pat-down of the man. When they reached "the waistline area," officers stated they could feel something vibrating. Wutschke then informed them he also had a sex toy “inserted inside him,” according to the report.

Police called the witness, who gave a description of Wutschke over the phone.

The officers drove Wutschke to jail, hearing the sex toy still vibrating on the plastic seats of their

squad car, according to the report. Sheriff officials at the jail removed it as they were booking him, but as of late Wednesday nobody was comfortable turning it off.

"They'll just let the batteries run out," Anderson said.

Wutschke was booked into Ramsey County jail on suspicion of indecent exposure and obscene materials and performance, both gross misdemeanors.

"That one's kind of unique,” said police watch commander Eric Anderson about the case.They'll be talking about this one for a while."

The St. Paul city attorney's office reviewed the case and authorized police on Thursday to issue Wutschke a citation for indecent conduct, a misdemeanor, said Laura Pietan, deputy city attorney for the criminal division.



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