Brian J. Parry Shoots, Kills Self During Gun Safety Class in Front of Kids


Brian J. Parry shot and killed himself in front of adults and children who were attending a gun safety class at the West Coast Armory in Bellevue, Wash., on Sunday.

According to, Parry, 50, used a pistol provided to class participants to end his life in front of about a dozen people. A coroner’s report issued earlier in the week ruled his death a suicide.

The West Coast Armory calls itself the state’s “premier indoor shooting range” with 31,000 square feet, featuring state-of-the-art shooting stalls and “NRA certified Range Safety Instructors."

“We have a welcoming environment for both the serious, well trained shooter, as well as the novice firearm enthusiast that wants to learn how to safely handle a handgun,” says the company’s website.

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