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Brian Hord Charged With Murdering and Dismembering His Wheelchair-Bound Roommate

A North Carolina man was arrested for allegedly murdering and dismembering his wheelchair-bound roommate with a hacksaw, Gastonia police said.

Police arrested Brian Hord, 33, Wednesday at the apartment he shared with 68-year-old Richard Gentry, according to WSOC-TV. Police responded to a call from Hord’s estranged wife, who said he had hit Gentry over the head with a hammer.

Inside the house, police found Gentry’s body hidden in a bedroom. It was dismembered, wrapped in plastic, and concealed in plastic containers.

Gentry died Tuesday. He was confined to a wheelchair and had only one leg, Gaston Gazette reported.

Police are uncertain where the attack took place. After it occurred, Hord called his estranged wife to tell her what happened.

“She said he had called her and said there was an altercation between he and his roommate that lead her to believe that there was an assault or something that had occurred,” Gastonia Police Capt. Steve Duncan told the Gaston Gazette.

When police arrived, he was cooperative and let them inside.

“At first, he said his roommate wasn’t there,” Duncan said.

His neighbor Lakeasha Pierce saw police escort Hord out of the apartment.

“He was calm when they brought him out of the house, like nothing had happened,” she told the Gaston Gazette. “He was scary.”

Duncan said there was evidence that Hord had tried to clean the apartment before police arrived.

Hord is being held without bond at Gaston County Jail.

He also faces a theft charge related to a July incident involving using his wife’s credit card.

Sources: WSOC-TV, Gaston Gazette


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