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Brian Calhoun, College Instructor, Body-Slams 101-Pound Female Student

A 69-year-old instructor at Fresno City College is on paid leave after he allegedly body slammed a 19-year-old female student on March 22.

Kevynn Gomez, the female student who weighs 101 pounds, was assaulted by Brian Calhoun after she started cursing at him for being rude to her teacher and other students.

Gomez and her classmates were taking an exam for a Chicano-Latino Studies class and had run over the amount of time the class was scheduled for. Calhoun was set to teach next, and became angry when the students and substitute teacher wouldn’t leave the room.

He told Michael Medrano, the substitute teacher, that he had run over the allotted time and told him that they needed to leave. Calhoun then began ranting and yelling at Medrano and his students.

When Gomez came up to turn in her test, she told Calhoun to “piss off.” She then turned around to leave, but Calhoun chased her and demanded her name. He then told her that she can’t talk to instructors in that way and grabbed her arm.

Calhoun pinned her against the wall while Gomez punched him in the face. Eventually, things escalated, and Gomez was pushed down onto the ground by Calhoun in what appeared to be a “body slam.”

Several other witnesses, including six students and the substitute teacher, confirmed that the man assaulted her. He has been cited for misdemeanor battery and told to appear in court on June 19. He is now on leave while the college waits to hear the investigation results.

Calhoun’s attorney, Roger Nuttall, is claiming that the student attacked Calhoun first and he was only acting out in defense. But Gomez’s attorney, Catherine Campbell, said it does not matter who attacked who first, as Calhoun clearly acted out of control.

Sources: Inquisitr,Huffington Post


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