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Breitbart Pushes Fear To Promote Food Survival Kits

The conservative Breitbart News sent an e-mail to its subscribers on Feb. 23 warning of a doomsday scenario and promoting an advertiser's food survival kits.

The e-newsletter warned recipients of the impending doom the Left is causing, according to Raw Story:

After 8 years of trying to destroy this country from within government, the Left is now desperately working to tear it down from the radical fringe. They’re willing to use violence. They’re willing to destroy property. They’re willing to attack not just politicians, but everyday citizens -- even in their homes.

Breitbart offered a solution while linking to its advertiser, My Patriot Supply: "Now is the time to put your preparedness plan together, before The Left drags this country into a severe turn for the worse."

The My Patriot Supply website echoed the dire warning from Breitbart, while plugging its $99 survival food kits:

Now, more than ever, we need to protect ourselves from The Left, foreign adversaries and terrorists. Put your preparedness plan together.


4-Week Survival Food Supply

Freshly Packed - Limited Units!

In Your Kit You'll Get:

Breakfast, lunch & dinner

Meals sealed in military-grade Mylar

A rugged slimline tote for storage

Up to 25-year shelf life

For those who might be on the fence, the website mentions the dreaded ticking-clock scenario:

The Clock is Ticking

Wait 'n' See Is NOT a Plan

Concerning. Nine out of 10 Americans aren't prepared for a major emergency to strike. Fortunately, by taking advantage of this offer, you'll be better prepared than your friends and neighbors. You're just one step away from securing your liberty. Go ahead and get your 4-Week Survival Food Supply today!

NPR reported in December 2015 about convicted felon and televangelist Jim Bakker who was selling "survival food" kits to his Christian conservative audience.

The news site reported that a video (now deleted) promoted the food kits with the line, "Imagine -- the world is dying and you're having a breakfast for kings."

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones also offers "Emergency Survival Foods" on his Info Wars website store.

Survival 101, a website billing itself as "America's Original Survival Store," complained in 2014 that Glenn Beck's website, TheBlaze, wouldn't accept its advertising, but had entered into a deal with My Patriot Supply, which Survival 101 slammed for alleged dishonest advertising.

Sources: Raw StoryPrepare With My Patriot Supply, NPR, Info Wars, Survivalist 101 / Photo Credit: My Patriot Supply

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