Breitbart Article Argues Redheads Are More Attracted To Islamist Extremism

Redheaded men and women are more likely to become Islamic extremists than brunettes or blondes in the U.K., according to a news article released by right-leaning news website Breitbart on Tuesday.

Dozens of young British men and women are “replacing the ritual bullying of the playground with the ritual strictures of radical Islam" because of their red hair, the article states. The article claims that unnamed experts shared the theory with Breitbart.

“You’ve likely already made the connection between ginger hair and home-grown Islamic radicals yourself,” the article hilariously begins.

The article admits that there are no surveys of jihads, which counter-extremism organization Quilliam Foundation verified, but insists that redheads are over-represented in the ranks of Islamic converts. The only basis for its argument comes from a slew of newspaper articles from the last year featuring white converts.

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The article gave examples of redheaded converts like Richard Dart, now known as Salahuddin, and Paul Mellor, now known as Abu Jibreel. The article even cited a redheaded mother superior of a drag queen activist group who calls herself Sister Boom Boom.

“In the Daily Mail archives, 69% of white Brits lured into jihadism or the orbit of an extremist preacher were ginger,” the article reads. “The number was similar for the Mirror and the Telegraph. The Guardian yielded a full 100% redhead rate for the stories we sampled.”

Based on the stories alone, Breitbart estimated that 76% of white British converts are redheaded.

The article then goes on to state that the data “clearly” demonstrates an overwhelming majority of jihad converts in the UK are redheads.  

Sources: The Huffington Post, Breitbart


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