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Breeders are Now Using No Kill Movement for Personal Gain

Just when you think you have heard it all, something always pops up that boggles the mind when it comes to No Kill. Since the advent of the No Kill Equation movement, many have jumped on board because the philosophy of there is no pet overpopulation problem, is conductive to their own agendas. I've written about the scams and schemes that have arisen in a previous article in Opposing Views.

This one has to take the cake however. It appears that breeders are now using the No Kill manta for themselves. This particular link is making the rounds on the social media sites. This shelter is breeding puppies, AKC registered puppies, for their No Kill shelter. Would you say that they are proponents of the philosophy of the No Kill Equation which states there is no pet overpopulation problem? That philosophy gives breeding credibility. Saying there are enough homes only lends itself to producing product for the demand. Shelters report various numbers of their purebred population, with 25% being an average. Some shelters have a high population of purebreds and would have a very low euthanasia rate without these deliberately bred pets.

The introduction to this No Kill shelter reads: "This shelter has no choice but to breed some to support the many that never leave. The parents are all family friendly and the puppies are raised with love from the start. Easily trained and very loving additions to your family as a constant companion. Please consider them first as serving a purpose for those that can't of this No-Kill shelter. The breeding and puppies that come from these AKC dogs pay to building buildings, pay large electric bills and fence the 10 acres that is needed for all that are here"

The AKC also profits from this No Kill whenever the puppies are registered. The Humane Society of the United States issued a recent report of how the AKC turns a blind eye to the cruelty of these puppy mills that generate money for their coffers. So how does this translate with the philosophy of the No Kill Equation?

If you look at breeder web sites, many will have the books written by Nathan Winograd listed. You might even think that the listing breeder is a good guy wanting to help shelter animals, but think again. The philosophy furthers the breeder agenda. Mr. Winograd usually takes a stand against new legislation, as does the breeding community. This web site includes a quote from Mr. Winograd and it fits in with their agenda quite well. And it is very apparent that this site cares nothing for the shelter pets.

Those with breeding in their histories are now in the No Kill camp. Brenda Barnette was/is a breeder and now is over Los Angeles (City) Animal Services. She was the legislative representative for the AKC while in her former position at the Seattle Humane Society. When she came to LA, the breeding community proclaimed her as "one of their own". And Barnette is giving her comrades what they want. She campaigned for their increase in business via raising household limits for pets. She is failing to adequately collect license and permit fees. Stopping pet stores from selling pets benefits the local breeders since pet stores often import from out of state. Some of her proposals can only benefit the breeder, not the animals or the community as a whole.

At this point, one can only ask, just how far will the schemes of the No Kill movement go. How much more will the humane community allow from this movement?


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