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Breeder of VP Biden's Dog Losing Kennel License?

In December 2008, Spring City dog breeder Linda Brown’s website boasted, Jolindy's German Shepherds: The Birthplace of V.P. Joe Biden's Puppy.

Her “Extended Family” page (right after the page of Stud Dog photos) showed a beaming VP-elect Joe Biden holding the five-week-old puppy he had selected from her Wolf Den Kennels, reportedly a post-election gift from his wife Jill.

Less than two years later, in November 2010, the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture revoked Brown’s kennel license for violations of state statutes governing the care of dogs in licensed kennels. reports, “In its Nov. 19 order, the agency listed dozens of violations, including filthy kennels, contaminated food and water and dogs crammed in cages with less than six inches of headroom.  Dog wardens reported seeing dead and dying rats on the property on several occasions and that it was so dark in some kennel areas they were unable to see the animals or their cages to conduct their inspections.”

Brown denies the charges and reportedly told, "Mexicans working seven days a week" - clean up after the dogs…My puppies poop, and they clean it up.”

Things haven’t gone well for breeder Linda Brown since she sold Biden the German Shepherd puppy, later named Champ by Biden’s grandchildren.   In an April 9, 2009, story in Chester County’s Daily Local News, she said, "I thought when Joe Biden bought a puppy from me, what an honor.  Out of millions of breeders in the country, in the world, he picked me."  “’Never, never, never again’ would she sell a dog to anyone with a high profile,” she told reporter Gretchen Metz.  “It's been horrific since December."

Brown claims that within a month after Biden’s photo and the story about her kennel appeared, she was subjected to repeated inspections and even an investigation by the Secret Service.  She also says she was harassed and threatened by animal activists who believed Biden should have adopted a shelter dog.

However, Brown’s problems apparently started long before Biden.  According to ,  “In April 2006, the American Kennel Club suspended Brown from all AKC privileges for one year and imposed a $1,000 fine for having submitted or caused to be submitted three litter registration applications that she knew, should have known contained false certifications as to the sire and/or dam, or had a duty to know.”

The Christian Science Monitor reported on December 17, 2008, that “…the place where Biden got his dog was just cited for multiple violations including: unsatisfactory ventilation, inadequate maintenance and sanitation, and missing sale and vaccination records… a moderator at a web site called No Puppy Mills, says…she [Brown] is a high-volume commercial breeder, with 85 dogs currently on her property.” ating-dog-laws 

If she receives the final order revoking her commercial kennel license at a May 24, 2011 hearing, Linda Brown must reduce her kennel to no more than 25 dogs in a year.  “If that happens,” Brown told the “…she will move out of Pennsylvania to a farm in the South.”


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