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Breastfeeding Mom Kicked Off Of Delta Flight After Dispute With Flight Attendant

Delta Airlines has come under scrutiny for their handling of a mother and her breastfeeding child recently. The mother shared the story of what happened to her via her Facebook page, Momma Bean Stalk.

The woman was breastfeeding her child in a Delta airplane while the plane sat stationary during a delay. When the plane began to taxi, a flight attendant told the woman she needed to buckle up her breastfeeding child. The mother said she would and insisted it would only take a moment. The flight attendant had little patience, though.

“She then put her hands on her hips and leaned toward me and loudly said, ‘Now,’” the mother shared in a Facebook post. “I asked her why she was being so rude. She told me she would call the captain if I didn't comply immediately. Three times, it was requested for me to buckle her in and only one time was a request, the other two were a demand and a threat. I had every intention of buckling her by takeoff as she had originally told me.”

The woman apparently didn’t secure her child quick enough for the flight attendant’s liking, and she was kicked off the flight. Here is the status she posted after being kicked off:

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The woman was promptly met by police officers in the airport who told her she’d done nothing wrong. When she reached out to Delta, a representative from the company apologized for the flight attendant’s actions. The woman maintains her belief that the flight attendant discriminated against her because she was breastfeeding. Here is the post she put up after speaking with Delta:

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The issue spread even more rapidly through communities of online mothers given Delta’s past breastfeeding policy, which forbid women from breastfeeding without a covering. 

Sources: Momma Bean Stalk, She Knows


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