Breast Milk Jewelry: Bizarre New Trend Lets Moms Immortalize Their Milk In Jewelry


A new jewelry trend surfacing around the world is eliciting some deeply divided reactions.

The trend? Breast milk jewelry. Some find it a downright strange and unappealing concept, while others think it’s a touching way to memorialize a special time in a woman’s life.

The jewelry is being crafted by two main companies: MomsOwnMilk and Mommy Milk Creations.

Mommy Milk Creations was founded by artist Alicia Mogavero. Mogavero started the business after finding a way to harden breast milk and encase it in resin. Those who like the idea can’t seem to get enough of Mogavero’s jewelry – her company has a year-long turnaround on new orders due to high demand.

One popular breast milk jeweler spoke with Yahoo Entertainment recently about the pendants. The owner spoke on the condition of anonymity, but gave some insight on what makes this blend of jewelry so special.

“Anyone who has breast-fed their babies knows how challenging the process can be, and yet how rewarding it is when you form that special bond with your child. My pendants are a way for that connection to be remembered,” the jeweler said.

Both MomsOwnMilk and Mommy Milk Creations ensure the milk used in each pendant will be your own. Anyone who orders has to send a small sample of milk to the vendors to use in the jewelry. Here are photos a few pieces made by Mommy Milk Creations, courtesy of Caters News Agency:

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So, moms of the world, what do you think? Is this a disgusting or creative way to preserve a unique time in your life? Here are a few reactions from commenters around the web:

- “Nope. It’s weird to me for sure.” – user BPayne09 at

- “It's so easy to judge. Personally I find a diamond ring silly and jewelry with breastmilk is more personal. Each to their own, it's just a piece of jewelry so whatever.” – user who at MailOnline

- “I think it’s beautiful. I actually want to do this. I wouldn’t wear it around, I would keep it as a keepsake.” – user nickyjsmomma219 at

- “Gross and very gimmicky.” – user LiviniaMiflin at MailOnline

Sources:, MailOnline, Caters News Agency, Yahoo Entertainment

Photo credit: Caters News Agency


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