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'Breaking Bad' Fan Goes On Shooting Rampage (Photos)

'Breaking Bad' Fan Goes On Shooting Rampage (Photos) Promo Image

The 15-year-old boy who terrorized his classmates by shooting up his Washington high school simulated shootings in YouTube videos and had a history of posting violent messages on social media.

Caleb Sharpe showed up to Freeman High School in Rockford, Washington, on Sept. 13 armed with a rifle and handgun, the Daily Mail reported. When he tried to fire the first weapon, the gun was jammed.

"He went to his next weapon," Spokane County Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich told reporters. "A student walked up to him, engaged him, and that student was shot. That student did not survive."

The victim was identified as Sam Strahan. Three female students were wounded as they ran frantically down the corridors screaming. They were rushed to a nearby hospital and are all expected to survive.

The shooting was eventually stopped by a staff member who stepped in and intervened, police said. Caleb was apprehended and then taken to a juvenile detention facility.  

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Michael Harper, a 15-year-old sophomore at the school, said Caleb had brought notes into class at the beginning of the school year that said he was going to do "something stupid" and might get killed or arrested.

Michael described Caleb as "nice and funny and weird." He said he had many friends, was not bullied and was a huge fan of the hit television series "Breaking Bad." Michael added that Caleb was obsessed with other school shootings, and had been watching documentaries about them.

"I was thinking that maybe it wasn't my friend but then I had an idea it was all the documentaries he's been watching ... he sent me a picture on Snapchat when we were talking and it was a documentary and I was like: 'There's no way he could do this!'" another friend said, according to the Daily Mail. "Now I'm thinking he might actually have gone through with it."  

A month before the shooting, Caleb had also posted videos of himself shooting a toy gun on YouTube. He added special effects to make the videos appear more realistic.

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Gov. Jay Inslee issued a statement on the tragic shooting.

"This morning’s shooting at Freeman High School is heartbreaking. All Washingtonians are thinking of the victims and their families, and are grateful for the service of school staff and first responders working to keep our students safe," the statement read. "As Spokane County officials continue their investigation to get the answers to the questions so many of us have during these unthinkable tragedies, the Washington State Patrol and all state agencies will do whatever we can to help provide support and comfort in the days and weeks to come."

Sources: Daily Mail, Washington Governor / Featured Image: Pixabay / Embedded Images: TheChristinaXX/Twitter via Daily Mail, Daily Mail

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