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Brazilian Police Brutally Beat Soccer Fan (Video)

The 2014 World Cup begins in June in Brazil, but a video of police brutality surfaced this week that raises questions about whether or not Brazil is safe for soccer fans to visit.

In the Brazilian state of Goias, fans of Vila Nova and Atletico-GO engaged in a fight after the end of the game, notes

But when the Military Police of Goias tried to stop the fight, they cornered a soccer fan in a stadium bathroom and repeatedly hit him with batons, even while he was on the floor and covering his head (video below).

Apparently this type of police brutality is not uncommon. The Wall Street Journal reports that Sao Paulo, Brazil police killed “one suspect for every 229 they arrested” in 2011.

A 2009 report by the watchdog group Human Rights Watch says police in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo kill more than 1,000 people each year.

Human Rights Watch states that Brazil's military police force “has been an almost compete failure in bringing about police accountability” because Brazil’s military courts “almost guarantee impunity for the majority of Brazil’s police.”

Sources:,The Wall Street Journal, Human Rights Watch


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