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Brazilian Jiujitsu Blue Belt Scares Away Would-Be Robbers (Video)

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Three apparent home invaders in Kansas City, Missouri, were shocked when the homeowner confronted them (video below).

The men were also caught on camera.

Nathan Engert was at home sick that day, instead of at work as he usually would be.

It was also the same day three people allegedly decided to rob his home.

Engert said he began to hear intruders kick down his door.

“I turned the corner and say this 15-year-old kid,” Engert told KMBC.

It was at that point that Engert prepared to defend himself. Little did the intruders know that Engert is a blue belt in Brazilian jujitsu.

When the invaders saw Engert, they ran to their car and fled the scene.

“They were more surprised than I was,” the homeowner said. “They were way more scared than I was.”

Engert was a victim of a home robbery last year, so he had security cameras set up.

He only hopes now that people learn from the incident.

“What I hope is, not so much to catch the guys — that would be great — but to help other people avoid this feeling,” he said. “It is an awful feeling.”

Law enforcement officials took DNA evidence of the intruders from where they touched a TV set.

Source: KMBC, YouTube / Photo credit: Screenshot via KMBC


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