Brazilian Fast Food Chain Gives Free Food to ‘Beautiful’ Women (Video)

Brazilian restaurant chain Spoleto launched a recent campaign that allowed women to receive free food. The catch? They had to be ‘beautiful.’ 

Now, the stunt wasn’t as exclusive as one might think. The qualifier was that in order to be considered ‘beautiful,’ women simply had to answer one question: “Are you beautiful?” Any woman who answers ‘yes’ doesn’t have to worry about her tab.

The goal of the campaign, aside from obviously getting more people to the restaurants, was “ to boost the participants' self-esteem,” says Gawker. The promotion occurred this past March in honor of International Women’s Day.

By the end of the day, Gawkerreports, Spoleto had fed around 500 women for free. Seeing as though the chain has some 200 stores throughout Brazil, the number seems relatively low, though the store claims that it did see a 35% increase in sales the day of the promotion.

Sources: Gawker, Wikipedia


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