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Brazil’s Attorney General Wants Catarina Migliorini Arrested for Selling Her Virginity Online

Brazil’s attorney general, Joao Pedro de Saboia Bandeira de Mello Filho, has ordered an  investigation into the  auction of Catarina Migliorini's viginity, which he called "people trafficking," even though Migliorini chose to sell her virginity.

The Brazilian woman will reportedly earn $780,000 from the online auction which closed last Wednesday, reports the Daily Mail.

Migliorini is taking part in a documentary shot by Australian filmmaker Justin Sisely, called 'Virgins Wanted.'

The winning bidder is a Japanese man who has been identified only as 'Natsu.' The pair will  reportedly have sex on a plane between Australia and the U.S. to avoid prostitution laws.

In a letter to Brazil's Foreign Minister, Brazil's attorney general said Sisely should be stopped from "executing the crime" and asked authorities in Australia to revoke Migliorini's visa and deport her back to Brazil for "the exercise of prostitution."


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