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Brazil Incinerates Mystery Panties Dropped in Congress

Two weeks ago, a mysterious pair of women’s underwear landed on the floor of the Brazilian Congress.

It was apparently jettisoned from the bag of an unnamed legislator. O Globo Newspaper is now reporting that Brazilian authorities plan to incinerate the panties in question because no legislator -- male or female -- has come forward to claim them.

According to the newspaper’s report, five popular legislators were rushing to the floor on May 15th to vote on a cybercrimes bill when one of them inadvertently dropped the underwear.

Security guards discreetly removed the panties form plain sight and turned them over to the lost and found office without initiating any further investigation.

No video? Nothing? Come on, Brazil.

But Brazilian social media got their hands on the story somehow and within days the scoop went viral.

“We have a suspicion as to who the owner is,” said legislator Oliveira. “But we’re not going to turn him in.”


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